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NETELLER is THE number one payment processor for online casinos. About 95% of gambling online offers this method. Based in Canada & the Isle of Man, NETELLER has evolved in the past several years, making significant changes in the way they do business.

How does NETELLER work?

To open a NETELLER account, they need to be able to verify your identity and they follow strict guidelines to protect your account. You hook up your bank account to NETELLER and you're able to transfer money back and forth between them. NETELLER offers instacash which means you can instantly transfer money from your bank account to NETELLER OR many casinos offer it within their software so you can avoid the 8.9% fee that NETELLER charges for this convenience. The funds usually come out of your bank account the next day.

When you win at a casino, the money is placed in your NETELLER account, and you may either use it for deposit again into another casino, or transfer it back to your bank account. Transfers take 24-48 hours excluding weekends to go back to your bank in general. The quickest way to get paid online is through NETELLER because it's most convenient for casinos, sports books, poker rooms and bingo halls. They don't have to verify your identity more then once and can pay you straight away, as opposed to a check or ACH which could take days or even weeks!

You can also get a NETELLER debit card which you can use at a merchant or your local ATM to withdraw the funds. There is a very small fee for this inconvenience but it's worth it when time is of the essence. NETELLER has been online since 1999 and is the safest and securest way to deposit.

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