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Why Use Neteller?

Neteller, part of Optimal Payments Plc, is one of the most popular online payments methods, used in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Neteller provides a secure way for people to move money online. Whether it is buying good or services or transferring money, Neteller has the solution.

Customers who have a Neteller account have access to the award winning Net+ Prepaid MasterCard and the free Money Transfer service. Neteller makes it possible so that people can send money anywhere in the world instantly and for free. Neteller has promotions on a regular basis as they give away free money all the time. Neteller always seems to be running some sort of contest or promotion to reward their customers.

Neteller has been a trusted online money transfer company for more than a decade with billions of dollars of transactions processed each year. Founded in 1999, Optimal Payments Limited provides customers and businesses with a reliable online payment method. Millions of customers have used the Neteller system and many of them use the Net+ Prepaid Card which gives them instant access at millions of point of sale ATM and online locations.

Neteller has their corporate headquarters located in the Isle of Man, with regional offices in Cambridge, Montreal and Calgary.

Check out all that Neteller has to offer and sign up for your account today.



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NETELLER is an online payment processor

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