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Neteller Launching Netellergo

Neteller has launched a new service for merchants called Netellergo. It is a new online checkout page that will help merchants with alternative payments.

Netellergo allows merchants to offer their customers alternative payment methods without having the consumer have a value account and they can offer this service worldwide. The goal with Netellergo is to eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple payment providers.

“Netellergo is all about helping our online merchant partners do business anywhere in the world with the least fuss, greatest security and no risk,” said Lorenzo Pellegrino, executive vice president, Neteller. “Unlike many other payment providers who simply act as a technical routing gateway, we architected this service to be the most efficient global payment option on the market.”

Neteller is guaranteeing all of the transactions that go through Netellergo which means no risk to merchants. “Optimal Payments is handling all of the legal contracts with payment method providers and assuming all technical integration challenges so that our clients can focus on their business,” added Pellegrino.

Optimal Payments has been a global provider of online payment solutions for many years. Their products like Neteller and Netbanx are used in more than 200 countries around the world. Optimal Payments Plc is on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM while their subsidiary company Optimal Payments Ltd is authorized and regulated as an e-money issuer by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

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