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Neteller Fees

Neteller is one of the most popular online payment methods and it has low cost fees. Let’s take a look at the fees for using Neteller including fees for the very popular Net+ Prepaid Card.

When you are depositing money into your Neteller account the fee is 3.5% when you use the Instant Bank ACH option. It is 2.5% if you are depositing using MasterCard or Visa.

Getting money out of your Neteller account is easy as you can use the Net+ prepaid card online, in-person or at ATMs around the world. There are no annual or monthly fees when using the card. If you use the Neteller card at a point of sale location there is no fee. The cost for using it at an ATM is $3.95 per withdrawal. There are also fees for getting paper statements and for card cancellation or replacements.

If you are making Neteller transactions involving foreign currencies then Neteller adds 2.95% to the daily interbank market rate to protect against rate fluctuations.

Neteller is trusted by millions of people around the world as a secure and fast online payment method. Neteller is available in more than than 200 countries around the world. Neteller is operated by Optimal Payments Limited which was founded in 1999. The corporate headquarters of Neteller is located in the Isle of Man with regional offices in Cambridge, Montreal and Calgary.

Take a look at Neteller for all of your online payment needs.

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