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Neteller continues to be one of the best online payment methods for people around the world and one of the reasons they are so popular is support. Neteller provides outstanding support to their customers and to merchants.

Neteller provides customer support by email and phone and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and support is also available for Merchants who use Neteller.

Neteller has a lot of products available that customers use on a regular basis with one of the most popular being the Net+ Prepaid Card. The Net+ Prepaid Card doesn’t have a credit limit and there is no credit check. The card's spending limit is determined by the amount of money loaded onto the card. The card can be used at millions of locations worldwide everywhere that Discover is accepted and at any ATM that accepts Pulse. Another huge plus for the Net+ card is that deposits and withdrawals can be made on sites that accept the Net+ Prepaid card.

Neteller has been providing a safe and secure way to send and receive money online for many years and they have always provided outstanding support for customers and merchants. It is no surprise that Neteller has been a top online payment method for more than a decade.

Check out the many different products available from Neteller and enjoy outstanding customer and merchant support.

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