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NETELLER and The Safe Port Act

In regards to NETELLER’s stance on the Safe Port Act, NETELLER is still allowing players residing in the US to hold and use their NETELLER accounts. Because provisions of the act, including the obligations of financial transaction providers, such as NETELLER, are unclear, US players are still accessing the service.

The news is, however, that within 6-8 months, things could drastically change. They will closely monitor the situation and take the appropriate action once they are required to do so. Until then, feel free to use them like you always have.

Right now at NETELLER, they’re offering a refer a friend bonus. Get up to $20 US for referring your friend. There is no expiry on this promotion at the current time, but act now to make sure you don’t lose out. If your friends aren’t signed up with NETELLER, they need to be if they intend to play online. It’s the most accessed money transfer service for online gaming merchants.

NETELLER has over three million customers at present with over 3,000 signing up per day. In the third quarter of 2006, they’ve increased over 16%. Rest assured that if you sign up with them, your personal information will remain confidential as they are very security conscious.

It only takes a few moments to sign up and you’ll need your social security number or government issued ID, as well as access to a phone so a call can be made by the NETELLER security department. Transferring to and from online gaming sites is fast and easy with NETELLER. You can be completely confident that all transactions are recorded and accessible by you.

Posted: December 1, 2006

Deposit Options for Players
Affected by the Safe Port Act

Many players from the USA are worried that they may not be able to deposit once the US has decided to restrict them from using the normal channels they’re used to when depositing. Although NETELLER and many others have said that they are closely watching the government’s actions, they are STILL accepting deposits and transactions from ALL US players.

This is good news because NETELLER is the most widely used form of depositing into the casinos, sports books, poker rooms and bingo halls. They also still transfer money back into your bank account in the USA and you can transfer money from your bank INTO NETELLER. MasterCard and Visa, Paypal, Firepay and others have already been denying deposits into online gaming establishments for quite some time, but there are many companies still accepting transactions originating in the US.

Click2Pay uses a virtual visa in which you fund with your visa or MasterCard. Because they not only handle online gaming transactions strictly, they aren’t generally blocked by US banks. Another alternative is Moneybookers which works about the same way. Although many casinos and sportsbooks aren’t taking Moneybookers currently, there are many that do and this is always a good option as they are safe and secure.

A bank wire is also an option, and many players have found this way to be quite successful because most casinos don’t have themselves coded as such. If you have problems depositing and you are in the USA, don’t hesitate to email each gaming establishment and ask them for the alternatives or suggestions. Most deal with this problem daily and are more then willing to help.

Posted: March 1, 2007


NETELLER Halts Instacash For Us Residents

The largest online payment provider, NETELLER, has recently suspended Instacash privileges for US customers. Instacash was a feature used by a large percentage of US residents and online gambling establishments that made it easy for players to access their money.

Instacash let customers transfer funds instantly from NETELLER to the gaming site online before the funds actually left the player's bank account. Instacash privileges were given to customers based on several factors, and the amount was increased if the customer had instadebit transactions clear frequently. The more transactions that cleared, the higher the limit for transactions. Many US players became VIP customers of NETELLER because of the amount of transactions they were conducting.

Now, the only thing available to US customers is EFT and bank wire transfers. US players are scrambling to find a way to fund their casino accounts without hassle and hopefully something will open up. The word is that NETELLER has taken some hits relating to Instacash withdrawals in regards to US banks and regulations; however, they still continue to service the US.

Instacash was an option also available inside many casinos actual software as a feature to transfer the funds from a player's NETELLER account directly to the casino instead of going through NETELLER directly and then transferring funds to the casino. Since this has been halted, many casinos could see a temporary drop in casino revenues, however, this could only be speculation, as this won't deter players from being loyal and remain playing. An option for several players has been prepaid Visa and MasterCard, which seems to work in many gaming sites online.

Posted: March 1, 2007

Another Extension for NETELLER Co-Founders

Neteller Bars Transfers to Gambling Sites for Americans


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